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Updated: Mar 13

This project aims to make the history and beauty of the Grand Château Ansembourg a special experience by inviting the audience on a tour of the grounds following several contemporary dance performances.

The movement concept is based on the structure of the garden itself. It is adorned with stairs, fountains, a hedge maze and symbolic statues, that invite and inspire the body to perform specific movements and follow certain paths while strolling through the grounds. The dancers visualize this already existing, natural flow within a mythical place and amplify the synergy of movement, history and mythology. They invite the audience, the garden’s visitors, to take part in a guided, constantly wandering performance, that tells the story of this idyllic place and the reality of the relationship between man and nature. The performance takes place at specific historical and symbolic focal points in the garden, which are being explored through dance, accompanied by live music. Firstly, the piece makes reference to the “notable Alley of Mythology”, restored in 1999, where mythological heroes facing each other reveal a symbolic complementarity. The four statues in the garden loggia embodying the four continents and the fountain representing the four corners of the world, are not only being translated into choreography but are furthermore reflected in the choice of dancers by including dancers from various origins and cultures. One final element is the “Two-Headed Eagle”, symbolizing the union between orient and occident which is echoed by a group performance concluding the piece.


The contemporary piece mirrors the relationship that humanity used to maintain with nature and the struggle of upholding or even recreating this relationship. There is a synergy that the human race is endangering today through self-imposed social and cultural obstacles. The visitor is invited to experience the tragic love story between man, nature and their common history, whose utopian image is preserved on the grounds of the Grand Château Ansembourg.


Art director: Norah Noush

Choreographer : Norah Noush & Sejla Softic

Dancers: Norah Noush, Šejla Softic, Jovi Ansk, Simi Chmidd, Carine Baccega, Antoine Pividori Philomène Authelet.

Musicians : Victor Kraus, Max Mausen, Guy Frisch,  Aniela Stoffles.


Avec le soutien financier du Ministère de la Culture du Grand - Duché de Luxembourg Ministère de la Culture, Luxembourg With the support of Grand-Château d'Ansembourg

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