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Dancer - Choreographer - Dance Teacher

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Melina Bountzika was born in Athens in 1996 and began her academic journey by enrolling in the Social Anthropology Department at Panteion University in 2014. In 2017, Melina attended a three-year professional dance program at the Higher Professional Dance School "Aktina".


To further her education, she participated in a brief course in Video Art at National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, where she became acquainted with performance art and video dance art. In 2023, she initiated teaching expressive movement techniques, improvisation techniques, and contemporary dance exercises to the Contact Improvisation community in Luxembourg. Melina has participated in several dance workshops and classes, including the Gaga technique, Hofesh Shechter, Graham technique, Cunningham technique, Limon and Release technique, Contact Improvisation, Movement and Speech, Dance Theatre, Movement Combined with Music, Improvisation and Composition, and Choreography and Composition.

She is also certified in the Contemporary Pilates and Barre movement method.


Since graduating, Melina has taught at various studios in Greece and Luxembourg. Melina's enthusiasm for the arts began in her formative years. Growing up in Athens, she was exposed to a rich cultural scene that sparked her interest in dance and visual arts.


Her academic pursuit in social anthropology provided her with a profound understanding of human behavior, which she incorporates into her artistic research. Her experience at "Aktina" dance school allowed her to refine her skills in contemporary dance, while her certification program in "Video Art" broadened her perspective on the diverse forms of art in the modern era.


Through her participation in various workshops, Melina has developed a versatile approach to art that combines her knowledge in dance, theater, and visual arts. Her work reflects her passion for exploring the relationship between different mediums and the creation of new forms of artistic expression.

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Panteion University

Social Anthropology


Aktina Higher Dance School

Classical Ballet & Contemporary



National University of Athens

Video Art



Festival de l'immigration Luxembourg | Contact Improvisation Performer



Drift, choreographer Nikos Kalogerakis, Sandra Grimma | Dancer



Five(5), choreographer Kikki Bacca | Dancer


Promenade 8th Athens Video Dance Festival, choreographer Elisavet Pliakostathi | Dancer



Chrochronos, choreographer Lia Chamilothori | Dancer

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