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Member / Vice President Lucoda

Independent Artist - Dancer - Choreographer - Actress

Nationality: Greek, British

Languages: Greek, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish



Rhiannon Morgan is a Luxembourg-based choreographer and dancer who began her training at the Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg and went on to complete a BA and MA at the London Contemporary Dance School at The Place in 2010. 
Since 2012, she has been working as a professional dancer, collaborating with renowned artists such as Akram Khan for the opening of the London Olympics, Cocoon Dance Company, Henri Oguike Dance Company, and others. 
In 2018, Rhiannon broadened her artistic horizons by exploring theatre, most recently in Myriam Muller's Songes d'une Nuit. In 2019, she founded the LUCODA dance collective in Luxembourg with Giovanni Zazzera, involved in innovative projects during the European Capital of Culture in Esch 22. Since 2020, Rhiannon has been supported by the Centre De Creation Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois and has choreographed several outstanding productions, including "La Création du Monde" and "From Ground to Dust".


As a choreographer

2023 | Clementine (Première octobre 2023 au CAPe)

2023 | AdH(A)rA (Monodrama Festival)

2021 | DanceCubator

2021 | La Création du Monde (Kinneksbond Mamer)

2021 | In Continuum (Saarbrucken) 

2021 | From Ground to Dust (Esch22 Opening ceremony)

2021 | Voix Moi (Sanem)

2015-2016 | Four Stories, en co-création avec Die Wolke Art company Thessaloniki

2013-2014 | Is It So, duo avec l’accordéoniste Servane Le Moller

As a dancer

2019-2021 | Premier(s) Pas, Cie La Baraka

2019 | Dare To See, Marguerite Donlon

2018 | In& Out, Corps in Situ/Artezia Company

2016 | Mood(s), Anu Sistonen

2014- 2016 | Mousikes Exesies S., Spiratou (National Theatre Of Northern Greece)

2014- 2016 | Alexander The Great Rock Opera, K. Athiridis & G.Vouros (National Theatre Of Northern Greece)

2014- 2016 | The Secret Garden, M.Toli (National Theatre Of Northern Greece)

2014- 2016 | TAN, K.Gerardos (National Theatre Of Northern Greece)

2014 | FrauenTanz, J.Guillaume Weiss (Grand Theatre et Theatre d’Esch)

2013 | V4, Henri Oguike Dance Company

2012 | Opening Ceremony of London Olympics, Akram Khan

2011 | White Space, Henri Oguike Dance Company

2011 | Trois Femmes, Anu Sistonen

2010-2012 | All I Can See, Cocoon Dance Company

As an actress

2023 | L’Oiseau de Prométhée, CDN de Rouen- Première (première novembre 2023)

2023 | Songes D’Une Nuit…, M.Muller (Grand Theatre du Luxembourg)

2021 | Let Me Die Before I Wake, R.Pierlot (Théâtres de La Ville du Luxembourg)

2021 | Liliom, M.Muller (Grand Theatre du Luxembourg)

2020 | Marguerites, A. Laurence Biver (Kinneksbond Mamer)

2019-2021 | Voir La Feuille A L’Envers, R. Pierlot (Théâtres de La Ville du Luxembourg,

Theatre d’Esch)

2016-2017 | The Tempest -W.Shakespeare, Push Your Art Company


2010-2011 | The Place, London Contemporary Dance School, MA in Eastern Philosophies in Dance

2009-2010 | The Place, London Contemporary Dance School, Postgraduate degree in Performance Studies

2006-2009 | Rambert School Of Dance, London, BA in Ballet and Contemporary Dance

2005-2006 | EPSE DANSE Montpellier, Formation Professionnelle De La Scène,

2004-2005 | Queen Mary University London, Première année de droit

2003-2004 | Première annexe Bachelier en Cultures Européens - Etudes Françaises

1999-2003 | Conservatoire de Danse et de Musique de la ville du Luxembourg, Etudes en danse classique, contemporain et jazz

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