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Member / CA Lucoda

Independent Artist - Dancer -Dance educator

Nationality: Greek

Languages: Greek, English, French (intermediate), German (basic) 



Ioanna started training in Classical Ballet and Contemporary at the age of four years old.

At 19 years old she attended “Niki’s Kodaxaki Professional Dance Academy” of Athens in Greece, where she completed her statutory three years of studies at the Department of Dance Instructors and was accredited with the Diploma from the Greek Ministry of Culture.


A few years later she was accepted at the Professional Semester of Broadway Dance Center in New York City of America. She performed in the Manhattan and Movements Art Theater a contemporary piece choreographed by Phil Orsano. In New York, she has also been trained in other styles such as Jazz, Theater, High Heels, and Hip Hop. Returning from New York she has been performing as an independent artist in multiple events and shows around Luxembourg. She has also given many workshops and dance classes around Luxembourg.


Recently she attended the Talent Day and Open Studio at the Netherlands Dance Theater of the Hague. During these years she has volunteered as a dancer for Make a Wish, APEMH Organization, and Madagascar Charity Event. For the last four years she is part of LUCODA, an established dance collective with artists leaving in Luxembourg, and currently working for the European Capital of Culture, Esch-sur-Alzette, and the surrounding communes. She recently presented her first work in progress “The Shade of my own” at TROIS C-L of Luxembourg. Her new project with Sergio Mel “TRANSHUMANISM” has been selected for the TalentLab 2023 of the Grand Theatre of Luxembourg. 



Choreography by Ioanna Anousaki and Sergio Mel, Grand Theater of Luxembourg, mentored by Itzik Gallili, Natalia Kaliada&Nicolai Khalezin from Belarus Free Theatre.

Monologue to Gods 

 LUCODA performance for the Embassy of Luxembourg in Brussels.

Die Entführung aus dem Serail 

 by Luc Perceval, choreography Ted Stoffer, Grand Theater of Luxembourg.

Tristan&Isolde opera 

 by Simon Stone, choreographer Arco Renz, assistant choreographer Rasa Alksnyte, Grand Theater of Luxembourg.

Le Grand Bal 

 by Giovanni Zazzera and Rhiannon Morgan, ESCH 2022 project, Aalt Stadhaus Differdange.

Au Corps du mechanism 

 by Lucoda collective, art exhibition performance for Jeppe Hein, Konschthal, Luxembourg.

The shade of my own 

 work in progress at “TROIS DU 3 GOES TALENT LAB” with the support of TROIS C-L, Ministry of Culture, and SACEM Luxembourg : learn more.  

Opening ceremony of “ESCH 2022, European Capital of Culture” 


The Creation of the World / Reson(d)ance 

 Choreography: Rhiannon Morgan, Aifric Ni Chaoimh, Church of Saint Nicolas, Differdange. 

A dance through the Gardens of Ansembourg's Castle - Lucoda - Luxembourg Collective of Dance (Luxembourg Collective of Dance), Choreography by Norah Noush and Šej So, Supported by the Ministry of Culture, Luxembourg. Learn more.

Choreography: Rhiannon Morgan, based on The Creation of the World, op. 81 by Darius Milhaud, Musical direction; Corinna Niemeyer with 18 musicians from the Luxembourg Chamber Orchestra, Production: Kinneksbond, Center Culturel Mamer, Luxembourg, TROIS C-L - Centre of Creation and Choreography in Luxembourg.

3 DU TROIS /// 1+1 au 3 : the new format from TROIS C-L 

“The shade of my own” performance, creation Ioanna Anousaki -supported financially from « TROIS C-L - Centre of Creation and Choreography in Luxembourg ». 

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