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The Creation of the World / Reson(d)ance

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

14/05/21 , 15/05/21 at Kinneksbond

16/10/21 at Trois CL

Choreography : Rhiannon Morgan, based on The Creation of the World, op. 81 by Darius Milhaud Musical, External Eye/Artistic Coordinator : Davy Brun, Gianfranco Celestino, Direction : Corinna Niemeyer , Interpretation : Rhiannon Morgan, Ioanna Anousaki, Carine Baccega, Maria Cipriano, Aifric Ni Chaiomh, 18 musicians from the Luxembourg Chamber Orchestra. Costumes : BENU Village. Esch Production : Kinneksbond, Center Culturel Mamer, collaboration with the Luxembourg Chamber Orchestra and the TROIS CL - Center of Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois, Support Œuvre Nationale de Secours Grand-Duchess Charlotte.

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