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Dance Artist - Choreographer - Movement Artist - Terapist of psychomotricity

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Norah Noush, dancer, choreographer, movement artist and therapist of psychomotricity, started her dance career in Luxembourg with Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop and African dance. She enriched her knowledge over the years through open classes and workshops around the world (BEL, LA, NY, COL, ENG, FR, etc). Her main style is Street Dance (Hip Hop, House, Commercial) but is also trained in contemporary dance, afro dance, salsa and heels.


In 2018 she followed a one-year intensive dance training in Berlin and joined in 2020 for 3 months a Dance company in London, named Birdgang.


Since 2020 she’s also been an active member of LUCODA (a dance collective in Luxembourg). Beginning of 2023 she moved again to London to pursue another 2 months intensive dance program with Copenhagendancespace and get back to training with Birdgang LTD.


Her strength as an artist is her versatility and interest in all kinds of music genres and cultures. It allows her to be active as a dance performer and choreographer in two major branches of dance; such as on one hand, the artistic productions are more based on storytelling and address socially relevant themes (theatre productions, cultural institutes, short movies,..) and on the other hand, commercial work, such as live performances at concerts, music videos and advertisement and short movies, where entertainment is the primary focus.


Just mentioning a few, she was participating as a dancer in the project « Blancontact »; a project integrating adults with a disease and choreographed by Annick Pütz, Thierry Raymond and Giovanni Zazzera in 2018. She had the opportunity to be part of the piece "Creating Possibilities" led by choreographer Eva Georgitsopoulou in Berlin in 2019  or perform at the Cirque Royal in Bruxelles in 2022. She was engaged by LUCODA for “LE GRAND BAL” or was a project leader and choreographer for ODYSSEY. One of her last projects was “Fashion Victims”, a live dance performance in collaboration with the compagne "Rethink your clothes" an FAirtrade for the “Ministere des affaires étrangères”.


She performed for singers in concerts and music videos such as Papa Roach (USA), Isac Elliot (FI), Edsun (LU) & Alfalfa (LU), Magnus & John (LU), or Them Lights (LU). Active as choreographer for the duo Alfalfa, she also worked as an assistant for the English singer "Starling" last music video production.


With her knowledge in dance, gained in the different countries and dance industry as also with her know-how as a somatic therapist, she regularly teaches dance classes for all ages and levels (CV) and gives workshops here or abroad (Bxl, Latvia); either to discover dance in an artistic way and way of expression, as also a way of well-being therapy and free movement exploration, called “Bodysoulflow”.

She is also active in social & educative projects like “TOTO”, a project created by the Luxembourgish foundation “Up Foundation”. 

Since summer 2023, she’s active member of the “asbl KNOWEDGE”, a hip hop asbl representing the Hip Hop culture in Luxembourg active as much in the performing field (Cie Patchwork), organization of culture events (Blockparty or "On s’en fish battle") as also in the pedagogical aspects by organizing dance workshops, conference etc.


Currently, she is training and creating with the company "Birdgang" from London and the company “ I am Movement”.


In parallel, she works on her personal projects, mainly combining dance and video.


Her work is defined by personal and authentic research, for which urban, contemporary, and commercial dance have established themselves as the bases of the dance.

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