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Dancer - Choreographer - Dance Teacher

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As a dancer, choreographer, and dance teacher, he enjoys exploring dance from various dimensions.

After completing his studies in public law at Thomas Sankara University and obtaining a diploma from the Choreographic Development Center La Termitière, created by Salia Sanou and Seydou Boro in Ouagadougou, he earned a diploma in Contemporary and Traditional African Dance in 2021 at the École Des Sables in Senegal, founded by Germaine Acogny.

He is driven by the desire to explore dance as an authentic form of expression and a means of physical and psychological well-being. He created "Danse Nature," a concept of creative dance in natural settings open to all, and "60 Minutes Chrono," one-hour improvisation performances among dancers. Aspiring to work in dance therapy, he introduced dance to a hospital in Ouagadougou (Centre Hospitalier Schiphra), adapting movements for cancer patients.

Since settling in Luxembourg in 2020, he joined the Luxembourg Collective of Dance – LUCODA in March 2021.

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