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Neistart/VOIX MOI

In this project, LUCODA wishes to seek out people of different generations within our community, creating a meeting point and a place for dialogue and

interaction. In order to do so (and respecting all Covid measures and restrictions) Lucoda will utilise new artistic creation formats via digital platforms to research and produce the work, as well as creating a safe and interesting way to experience outdoor street performance for the viewer. This project, hosted by the Commune of Sanem, will include 5 Lucoda choreographers, 10 participants ranging from teenagers to elderly members of society, and an opera singer, and offer the possibility for dance and movement to become the interface for community dialogue and development, and offer democratic arts experiences for all.

Project Leader: Aifric Ni Chaiomh

Choreographers: Ioanna Anousaki, Carine Baccega, Rhiannon Morgan, Aifric Ni Chaiomh and Giovanni Zazzera.

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