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Updated: Apr 4, 2022

19 and 20-03 Between 11H30 and 13H30 - 14H and 17H30.

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On 19 and 20 March, the Science Center welcomes three members of LUCODA for an original performance. In an enclosed space on the first floor of this emblematic science centre, dance and technology meet. Invited to enter a black box, the visitor, alone or in a group, is invited to experience the three spaces that make up this installation.

In this itinerant journey of discovery of technology and movement, the aim is to explore kinetic empathy, stimulate the body and make the audience aware of its capacities for movement by encouraging them to be active part of the process.

Each of the three spaces is linked to an artistic performance that offers multiple alternatives of an experience. For example, exploration around the sensation of touch will give rise to a creation that focuses on the tactile. Thus, from the interaction between humans and technology, transformations of the space will emerge… To guide the journey of the audience through this installation, sound will appear from time to time, not only sound that will be created by the spectators themselves but also that of the soundtrack.

As this installation is open to all, for the hearing impaired, there will be the possibility for them to use the "Immersive Live" waistcoats which, thanks to their vibrations connected to the sounds, offer accessibility to the music.

This project is also supported by Esch 2022 European Capital of Culture and city of Differdange

Artists involved: Jonathan Christoph / Rhiannon Morgan /Giovanni Zazzera

Production manager: Marine Rehm

The place

The Science Center - 1 rue John Ernest Dolibois 4573 Differdange- On the 1st floor

The courses last about 30 minutes per group.

The intervention is included in the standard entrance fee for the science center.

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