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Julie Barthélémy

Trained at the Conservatory of Metz and Toulouse, Julie Barthélémy began to seek to expand her dance vocabulary by joining,such multidisciplinary companies as Cie Reaction and Urban Sax Collective since 2001. In parallel in 2004 she obtained a state diploma in contemporary dance teaching. As a dancer, choreographer and pedagogue Julie Barthélémy has been performing and working in the Greater Region for about ten years. As a performer she has worked with Bernard Baumgarten / Cie UNIT CONTROL, Cie Vedanza, Anus Sistonen / Dance Development Association, Cie In Situ, Cie Mirage ... Julie currently dances for the Osmosis Company directed by Ali Salmi. Performances, cinema and video projects play an equally important part in her current work as a dance artist. (Move- Fluid TV show for Arte, The Night Just Before the Drills of and with Hugo Becker) She also initiates her own choreographic projects, the most recent ones being ‘En Dialogues’ with dance artist Youri de Gussem and bassist Louis Michel Marion as well as ‘Deux Danseuses et de Poufs‘ co-choreographed with dancer Lucile Guin. As a dance teacher she works in theatres and well know institutions in the Greater Region both with professionals and amateurs. (France, Luxembourg, Belgium)

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