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Futura Manna

Starting from my love for the purity and harmony of Ballet, I always embraced the opportunity of learning different dance styles and techniques. My ballet studies at the professional school Dance Company of Silvia Ajello, had been accompanied with a good dose of rhythm and vitality coming from Street Dance disciplines such as Hip-Hop, Ragga and Dancehall. In very young age, I started participating to minor shows and events around the city. The last two years before my professional ballet diploma I followed a Musical and Theater Course as well. After, I started focusing my studies on Modern-Jazz, Street Jazz and Heels Dance in general. When moving to Luxembourg, joining the dance group Lux Dmotion, I had the plasure to study also Latin dance and Ballroom dance. Thanks to my rich path, my biggest quality is probably versatility. I strongly believe that dance shouldn’t create boundaries among people and styles. Differences should be enhanced and encouraged, the purpose of a teacher should be to guide the student in a full experience of self-research and the purpose of a choreographer is to harmonize those differences in a marvelous picture of movements.


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