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Sejla Softic

Šejla Softić is a choreographer, dance educationalist and language teacher, who was born in Bosnia Herzegovina. At the age of 10 she was introduced to dance by some amazing teachers in her hometown in Austria. They gave her the confidence to pursue a career in dance education herself. She studied and has lived in Vienna for the last 15 years, where she worked as dance teacher, choreographer, studio director for multiple dance studios and first and foremost as a dance educationalist and choreographer. Her style is a fusion of modern dance and commercial dance styles. She has choreographed for stage, production and video and won several national and international competitions with her dance companies.

During her time with arriOla association in Vienna, she co-founded the Kolleg für kommerzielle Tanzstile und -pädagogik ( and Austria’s first kindergarten with a focus on early dance education. She has also given numerous seminars on the topic of dance education in public schools and institutions for after school care. She recently moved to Luxembourg and is looking forward to working with the amazing dancers that she has already met her and to getting to know the dance scene further. 

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