Aifric Chaoimh

Irish-born Aifric Ní Chaoimh lives in Luxembourg and works as a dance artist, teacher and choreographer. She is a graduate of London Contemporary Dance School, earning a first class BA Hons in Contemporary Dance (2013). During her studies she also took part in an exchange programme with SUNY Purchase in New York. Aifric Ní Chaoimh has danced for several contemporary choreographers in Britain and in Ireland, such as Itamar Serussi (IL), Igor & Moreno (UK), Alex Howard (UK), Imogen Knight (UK) and Michael Keegan Dolan (IRE). In Luxembourg she works regularly with Jean-Guillaume Weis (Dance Theater Luxembourg) and Hannah Ma (Han Sun Gathering).


She embarked on her artistic creative process under the name "Croíate" and is interested in ephemeral and sustainable forms of art, as well as multidisciplinary collaboration. In 2017, she participated in volume 4 of the "Les Émergences" program, initiated and implemented by TROIS CL since 2015, with the creation of a choreographic piece, "Inside, the Wolf ..., in collaboration with the musician Gemma Dunleavy (IRE), and dance artist Daniel Persson (SE / UK). In addition, Aifric Ní Chaoimh is particularly interested in the intersection of artistic and social backgrounds and has taught dance as part of the projects carried out by the association Mir wëllen iech ons Heemecht Weisen, Sportunity and Trisomie 21 in Luxembourg and teaches regularly in schools and workshop in the Greater Region.