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Project Leaders: Piera Jovic, Aifric Ni Chaiomh and Ileana Orofino 

For this project, Lucoda has commissioned Out Innerspace Dance Theatre (Canada) to create an ensemble performance for Esch '22. The piece, choreographed by David Raymond and Tiffany Tregarthen will be a work for eight local dancers, and use a unique combination of light and video projection to draw the audience into the intriguing world of dance. The uniqueness of this project lies in how it promotes audience diversity in order to make dance accessible to all. In this context, a ticket “lottery” system will be put into place whereby the audience will be invited to participate in a challenge. This will aim to create surprise pairings with varied people within our communities, inviting them to create new encounters, while breaking down societal barriers, and aiming to create new relationships which last beyond the night of the performance. 


In collaboration with the commune of Differdange, Lucoda will create a variety of site specific performances, which will lead the audience on unexpected journeys through the commune. 

Ranging from dance performances in bus stops, pop-up dance experiences, community dance workshops and multi sensorial explorations and discoveries at the Differdange Science Centre, to a grand ballroom dance evening, we share but a few of the exciting performances to expect. 

Project Leaders: Rhiannon Morgan and Giovanni Zazzera 


Lucoda in “The Visit”, offers two worlds to the audience; both a performative approach, with site-specific pieces, to a multi-disciplinary and digital work, with the creation of a short film which will highlight different geographical locations in the South of Luxembourg. Hence, the audience will embark on a unique journey,  experiencing and being encouraged to discover new artistic perspectives, through the media of dance and film. 

Project Leader: Baptiste Hilbert 


Neistart/VOIX MOI 

Project Leader: Aifric Ni Chaiomh 

Choreographers: Ioanna Anousaki, Carine Baccega, Rhiannon Morgan, Aifric Ni Chaiomh and Giovanni Zazzera. 

In this project, Lucoda wishes to seek out people of different generations within our community, creating a meeting point and a place for dialogue and 

interaction. In order to do so (and respecting all Covid measures and restrictions) Lucoda will utilise new artistic creation formats via digital platforms to research and produce the work, as well as creating a safe and interesting way to experience outdoor street performance for the viewer. This project, hosted by the Commune of Sanem, will include 5 Lucoda choreographers, 10 participants ranging from teenagers to elderly members of society, and an opera singer, and offer the possibility for dance and movement to become the interface for community dialogue and development, and offer democratic arts experiences for all.

PROJECTS 2019-2020


Lucoda Active is an online initiative to reach out, stay connected and engaged with the wider public, during the corona virus pandemic. Each day of confinement our members offer an online classes for amateurs as well as professional dancers, sharing their expertise and interest and keeping the morale of our communities in Luxembourg and beyond positive,healthy, fit and inspired.

TANDEM European Network


Rhiannon and Giovanni visited Novi Sad in Serbia from the 20-24/10 in light of their Tandem Partnership with the Pavle Beljanski Museum. All are happy to announce that the title of this project is “ChoreoChroma” and will see Lucoda collaborate with an extraordinary artistic team compo  composed of the Artist Painter: Chantal Maquet (L),Video Designer: Ziva Avakum(S), Sound Composer Ljubomir Nikolic (S),Dramaturge: Avakum Kvas (S) as well as with the students from the AFA

The Bitter Years: Dis/Engage



 A choreographic exploration by LUCODA  in partnership with Trois C-L.

This performance  is an interactive experience to the audience

whereby each audience member is offered the possibility to share one word to describe the works of Edward Steinchen. These words will serve as a starting point for the performers, musician and audience members to create a framework of non-verbal dialogue whereby human interactions, relationships and dynamics are explored.

Concept: Rhiannon Morgan

Artistic Coordinator: Gianfranco Celestino

Sound Composition/Installation: Rajivan Ayyappan

Performed by: 5-7 Dance Artists of Lucoda- Luxembourg Collective of Dance